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It is pretty simple...we are a Family that has been brought together by the love of Jesus from all different traditions and experiences.  

First Baptist Church was founded here in Kokomo 1847.  God has richly blessed our church over the years and through the faithful stewardship and service of the faithful, we are still doing our best to follow the Call to the city of Kokomo today.  

Here at FBC we are devoted to the founding principles of The Church in Acts 2:42-47:

About Us: About
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We believe that the Word of God is the inspired, inerrant, ultimate authority in His Church.  All of us are called to change our lives through God's instruction and to walk with others as we are continually changed by His Word.

About Us: Our Values


We were created for community.  We were created to walk together and we firmly believe that when we attempt to walk in life or in faith on our own, we are left isolated and vulnerable.  We believe that when we walk with others and are committed to one another, we fulfill what we have been commanded to be and grow faster, stronger and deeper.

About Us: Our Values
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When together, we are committed to remembering what Jesus has and is doing for us by sharing our story.  Whether that is is worship, Bible Study, or in our homes, we are called to always remember what Jesus has done for us.

About Us: Our Values


Prayer is the means by which our will is aligned to the Will of God...not the other way around.  Prayer is a vital part of our individual growth as well as our growth together.

About Us: Our Values


For more information about what we believe and why, please click the links below.  If you would like to discuss our beliefs in further detail, please see Pastor Matt or an elder of FBC.  We would LOVE to talk to you!

About Us: Our Mission
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