What would happen to our relationships, our families, our church, our community and our nation if God’s people prayed?

Throughout Scripture, the number 40 is significant and it represents two common themes:

1. A period of testing.
2. A period of trail or probation.

This doesn’t mean that 40 is entirely symbolic; it is quite literal meaning in Scripture. “Forty days” means “forty days,” but it does seem that God has chosen this number to help em- phasize times of testing, trail and/or hardship. Through the month of February the Sunday Worship times will be focusing on PRAYER and will challenge you through Scripture to rethink the reasons to pray.



We are a Jesus Church.

We are a Family of people following Jesus who are connected together by a common faith in Him, for His glory, His purpose to see Jesus change our familes, our church, our city and the world.  We are based in Kokomo, but know that we are just one house in His Kingdom.  

We aren't anywhere near perfect, but we know Jesus is.  In our effort to be all about Jesus, we are doing our best to be more like Him every day.  

Want to be a part of our journey together?  We are located at 310 W. Taylor St. here in Kokomo, just a block north of the Rescue Mission.  Parking is located on the west side of the church and along Taylor street.  Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:10am for worship.  Within this site you can find more information about different parts of our Family from Wednesday nights, different Ministries, etc., but our goal is pretty simple...it is all about Jesus. 



310 W Taylor St
Kokomo, Howard County 46901

(765) 452-5451



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