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We need to remember...

When the number forty is used in the context of Scripture, especially with the people of God in the context of a period of time it was used as a period of preparation, trial or testing that preceded a new beginning or a significant event in history.  I believe that period is coming and that God is leading to that place with us here as a church Family. 

But that will depend on obedience on each of us individually and the way we prepare our own individual hearts for what God is about to do through this time.  

That is why the FIRST 40 DAYS are so important because they precede Lent.  

THE FIRST 40 DAYS take each of us through a journey through the Covenants of Scripture.  Do you know what God's Word tells you about those Covenants?  Pastor Matt will be unpacking some of them through Sunday mornings from a 10,000-foot view, but the heavy lifting will come through the personal study through the guides accessible below.  If you need a printed copy, please contact Pastor Matt.  

What will you do? 

The challenge is in THE FIRST 40 DAYS.  

The First 40 Days: About
The First 40 Days: Welcome
The First 40 Days: Welcome
The First 40 Days: Welcome
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